About the Review

Strategic Review of Policing

There will be two phases of the Review. The first will assess and define the challenge the police should be prepared to face over the coming decades. The second phase will look at the capabilities it will need to meet these challenges.

Each stage of the Review will draw on evidence from across the government, the police service, academia, business and community groups. A programme of events will be hosted across the country to enable police officers and members of the public to have their say about the future of policing.

We will publish a number of Insight Papers and an interim report during the course of the Review. A final report will be published in the summer of 2021.

The work of the Review is being guided by an Advisory Board which includes former senior police officers, politicians and leading academics.

The Review has been generously funded by the CGI, the Dawes Trust and Deloitte. Further financial contributions are being sought and interested partners should contact the Police Foundation’s Director, Dr Rick Muir, to discuss partnership opportunities.

The Review will consider

What the police mission should be, looking in particular at the public’s expectations of the police.

The capabilities and resources the police service needs to achieve this mission.

What the police officer of the future should look like, including their role, responsibilities, skills and knowledge.

How the police service should be structured and held to account, locally, regionally and nationally.

How the police service should work with other sectors to deal with complex social problems.

How much funding the police service requires and how this should be allocated.

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