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It’s time to take crime prevention seriously

Few would argue with the notion that ‘prevention is better than cure’. Politicians of all parties agree on the importance of preventing social problems escalating into crises. One would struggle to find a police force, health service or local authority strategic document that does not call for more effort to be focused on preventative work.

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Call for evidence: Phase Two

The Strategic Review of Policing has launched a Call for Evidence. This is the second part of its major, independent Review of Policing in England and Wales.

We welcome responses from all interested respondents from within and outside policing, including members of the public.

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The Future Police Workforce conference

This year’s Police Foundation conference on the theme of The Future Police Workforce will form part of the Strategic Review of Policing. The event will take place from 23rd to 25th February 2021.

Delegates will have the opportunity to make a contribution to the Review through their input in Q&A sessions.

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